About Chi Spa

Stress is a common element in our lives. If left unresolved it causes muscular tension. The muscular tension can result in a decrease in blood flow thus the oxygen supply to the tissues and organs, causing aches and pains, fatigue, and eventually malfunction of organ systems. The muscle tightness and stiffness can also increase the risk of injury in daily activities.

At Chi Spa, our licensed therapists help you to relieve stress  through massage therapy, acupuncture treatments, detoxification, and nutrition. We are committed in bringing you results that positively impact every aspect of your body and mind.


Chi Therapists

Viktorija Elkins
Viktorija Elkins, LMT. Coming from a geographic area between Europe and Asian, Viktorija enbodies the integration of the two cultures. Her massage combines strength with delicate touch to create the relaxation and promote healing. She specializes in sport massage and deep tissue work. She has worked in chiropractic practices prior to joining Chi Spa.

Jennifer Moore Jennifer K. Moore, LAc, recently moved from Arizona, where she was specializing in treating chronic pain management, stress relief, and toxin accumulation with acupuncture. She uses auricular, scalp, and facial needles to address issues such as seasonal allergies, craving control, sleep issues and pain control.  Jennifer obtained her Master of Science in Oriental medicine in Southwest Acupuncture College, Albuquerque, where she worked in rehabilitation hospital and domestic abuse center to help patient heal.
Andrew del Carpio Andrew del Carpio, LMT. At a young age, Andrew found that touch could be comforting when he would give family members back rubs. He chose massage as a career to help others in a similar way. With an interest in Asian cultures, he sought greater knowledge of modalities with Asian influence and found they suited him nicely. After studying Japanese and Thai techniques, he learned a few Chinese Tui Na techniques from a 10th generation TCM practitioner. From the firm but gentle movements of Japanese anma to the smooth, flowing strokes of Swedish; from the muscle pushing and grasping of Tui Na to the stretching of Thai, he customizes each massage to fit a client′s specific needs.
Naki Hayashi
Natsuki (Naki) Hayashi is a talented massage therapist.  She was a certified Kembi-so (a form of oriental exercise) instructor and wellness trainer in Japan before she moved to Eugene a few years ago. She also has an excellent and diverse international experince in client services. She has quickly won praises and a loyal following among clients she served since she joined Chi Spa just a few weeks ago.

Tony Masoner Tony Masoner, LMT. Of all the therapists at Chi Spa, Tony has been here the longest. He was inspired to become a massage therapist by the encouragement of friends because he has large and firm hands. His talent and dedication to service have won him a loyal following among Chi Spa clients. Deep tissue massage, acupressure and Chinese reflexology are among the techniques Tony has mastered and applied to help numerous clients relax and heal. Like many local folks, he loves camping and hunting in the beautiful nature and is a devoted Duck fan.
Jian Zhang van Enk Jian Zhang van Enk, LAc, PhD. Jian is the new owner of Chi Spa since February 25th, 2014. Before she became an acupuncturist, she worked as a scientist in technology and biotech companies. She's passionate about the whole person approach to health and she believes in bringing the best of Eastern and Western medicines to serve patients. Her vision for Chi Spa is to make it a place of healing for patients who prefer natural medicine or need complimentary care, a destination for people to detox, relax and rejuvenate, and a fulfilling place to work for the Chi Spa team members.