What Is It?

Acupuncture is a healing art practiced for thousands of years in China. It is an important component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It involves inserting hair thin needles in specific points on the body to treat a variety of conditions. As its effectiveness is demonstrated by modern medical researchers, this minimally invasive procedure becomes available to serve patients all over the world. Many insurance companies now provide coverage for acupuncture treatments.


How Does It Work?

Acupuncture points are grouped according to their clinical effects on pathways of propagated sensations. The TCM theory of acupuncture is based in part on the premise that blood and energy termed Chi (or Qi) circulate in a cyclical fashion through these pathways. The smooth flow is required for good health; blockages in Chi and blood can lead to pain and/or ill health. Many traditional Oriental medicine practices focus on improving the flow and balance of Chi. Our acupuncturist will diagnose your specific symptom patterns and place needles on points chosen to address your specific issues by restoring a healthy flow and balance of Chi and blood. Modern medical researchers believe that the needles stimulate deep sensory nerves that tell the brain to release natural painkillers (endorphins). Acupuncture also activates the immune system to restore or maintain your health. It is an ideal drug free alternative to maintain health and wellness.


Can Acupuncture Help Me?

Yes! If you suffer from